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2016 Rally to Improve Birth NORTHSHORE!


This Labor Day, we were excited to see a Rally to Improve Birth take place for the first time on the Northshore! Thanks to Sarah Fabares and Maggie Schneider (local mothers and birth advocates) for making this happen!


"We believe that change happens from the bottom up—by informing, supporting, and empowering women and families to get in the driver’s seat when it comes to childbirth. We advocate for each other as individuals and as a group."

To learn a little more about why women across the country joined in the recent Improving Birth rallies, watch this video:


When needed, cesareans are life-saving interventions. However, we are deeply concerned that with high local cesarean rates, many are indeed preventable. Since a cesarean is major surgery, with significant risks, we would love to see a lowered local cesarean rate.

We know that VBAC access is one of the greatest needs on the Northshore! Northshore Birth Options frequently receives inquiries from mothers who wish to know where they can find VBAC support. Until recently, it seemed almost unheard of for a mother to have a VBAC in our Covington hospitals. Currently, many mothers wishing for VBAC support travel to New Orleans or Baton Rouge to birth with midwives or obstetricians with a proven track record of VBAC support and success. With high cesarean rates on the Northshore, many local mothers find themselves in need of VBAC access.

We long for care that is evidence based and up-to-date.

Yes, we CAN do better on the Northshore! Our vision is to see the Northshore become an ideal place to birth. Where women feel supported and respected in birth, where birth is family-centered. Where cesarean rates are low and VBAC rates are high. Where cesareans, when needed, are "family-centered" cesareans. Where babies and mommas thrive. We believe that the future of birth on the Northshore is ours to shape as mothers. We have a voice and we stand together to improve birth.

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