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Tea Time Fundraiser

On our road to nonprofit status, we recently made a fundraising stop. Fundraising is no easy task, but it is necessary. We have been blessed by working with some incredible people and companies along the way. Staybridge Suites in Covington has openly embraced our mission and events. They have supported us and cared for us and given us much to be grateful for. It was really a no-brainer to hold our tea there.

We decided to include members of our birth community in the process. The thought was that different birth related businesses would sponsor a table to host. That sponsor would decorate and entertain their guests while meeting new people and making new connections. Nothshore Birth Options thrives on community. Honestly, it is what makes us unique and strong. We grow from connecting and bonding. Once our sponsors were in place it was a matter of ironing out details.

The whole event was gorgeous. We had a harpist serenade out guests while they enjoyed scrumptious teas, desserts, scones, fine cheeses, and finger sandwiches. It was classy, but relaxed. The whole event was stunning from the start to finish. Thankfully, we were able to raise the means to start the investment into our nonprofit filing. Please remember us as we go along this journey. If you feel led to support us monetarily, please visit the "Contribute" page, or follow us on Facebook to see fundraising opportunities arise as they are planned. Thank you for supporting this important organization!

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