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New Mid-City Office for Crescent City Physicians

Thanks to Dr. Sias, Dr. Morse, and Midwife Tisha Seghers for welcoming me to their recent open house! I was able to tour their new Mid-City offices and meet each of them in person. They and their staff were warm and personable and the whole facility was attractive, clean and new-looking. I was especially impressed by the large ultrasound room, meant to accommodate extra family members who wish to share in a sneak peek of a little one on the way! I appreciate their patience with my many questions. Since we constantly are asked about doctors who are accepting VBAC patients, I confirmed that both Dr. Sias and Dr. Morse are currently accepting new VBAC patients. Due to contraints outside of her control, Midwife Seghers is not currently able to take VBAC patients. I am hopeful that will change soon! All three providers have been helpful with providing us with their cesarean rates and VBAC numbers for your benefit. Dr. Morse, Dr. Sias, and Midwife Tisha Seghers attend deliveries at Touro Infirmary.

Midwife Tisha Seghers 2015 stats: Primary cesarean rate: 3.7% Total cesarean rate: 5.56%

3 successful VBAC's, VBAC success rate 75%

Dr. Jamie Sias 2015 stats: 8.8% primary cesarean rate 22.5% total cesarean rate 7 successful VBAC's (VBAC success rate not available)

Dr. Tara Morse 2015 stats: 8.8% primary cesarean rate 19.6% total cesarean rate 9 successful VBAC's (VBAC success rate not available)

*Information obtained directly from listed providers.

***Please note: Northshore Birth Options does not specifically endorse any provider over another. We seek to build communication with all providers and facilities that may be of interest to Northshore area mothers so that we can provide as much information as possible. We encourage you to do your due diligence when selecting a healthcare provider. ***

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