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Happy Independence Day, Northshore Mamas!

Happy Independence Day!!!

Why the need for birth options representation? Why the need for a “collective voice” in local birth options? Because we believe in by the people & for the people, right? Since when in these United States have we taken our rights for granted?! In any other area of our lives, we wouldn’t assume that we are going to be given the best product or service unless we first educate ourselves on what we need and want, and thoroughly investigate all available options until we find the one that best suits our needs, budget, lifestyle, etc.

Birth is no different. As birthing mothers, we are also consumers. It is up to us to ensure we are being presented with all of our options in childbirth. It is up to us to evaluate our care and drive the demand for what we want. It is our responsibility to ensure that we and our babies receive the best possible care from the best possible sources. Don’t assume that a professional or entity has only your best in mind. While businesses and professionals may be restricted or motivated by policy, liability, financial gain or personal convenience, you are completely invested in your family and your birth. You should be the one driving your childbirth decisions. Take charge of your births, Mamas! Happy 4th of July!

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