Warm welcome at North Oaks OBGYN

Left to Right: Dr. Brian Ashford, Dr. Dwan Mabry, Dr. Jessica Rinaldo, Sonya April (Clinical Coordinator) , Erika Pearce (Director NBO), Kathleen Evans (Board Member NBO), Cathy Jaubert (Founder/Director NBO)

As Birth Advocates, we often reach out to area hospitals and providers to communicate the needs and desires of local mothers. We were very pleasantly surprised when North Oaks Obstetrics & Gynecology reached out to us to build a relationship. After communicating online and by phone for a couple of months, we were finally able to sit down in person today and have a very open conversation with the physicians and staff members.

They assured us of their support of VBAC, and presented the option of a gentle cesarean in cases where a surgical birth is needed.

Their practice includes 3 certified nurse midwives (CNM's): Vicki Matherne, Mary Byars, and Amy Linn. A midwife is on call at the hospital or nearby at all times to attend vaginal births.

Patients have the option of intermittent monitoring, as well as hydrotherapy in labor with a shower or standard bathroom tub.

We look forward to continuing communication with this group and will update with their cesarean & VBAC data as they are able to provide it. We want to thank all staff members for the respect and openness that they extended to us. We appreciate that they are "patient driven, physician owned."

Patient exam room

Private toilet in each exam room

Ultrasound room

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